Revegetation Services

  • Revegetation - We offer an alternative revegetation strategy.  Please see Our Revegetation Philosophy.
  • Site remediation and stabilisation,
  • Landscape recovery
  • Habitat restoration

For all of these services we can help take your project through:

  • Design and management
  • Implementation - site preparation, supply and sowing of seed and planting,
  • Post establishment maintenance – watering and weed control.


Our Revegetation Philosophy

We are passionate about the design, establishment and management of plant communities that are resilient, require minimal management and cost less to produce. 

We believe that a ‘ground up’ approach, which floods a site with coloniser species, is much quicker and more effective than traditional ‘top down’ revegetation methods at producing resilient and functional plant communities.  Using coloniser species is the first step in the successional process towards building these plant communities.  Our experience has shown that in providing this catalyst for natural ecosystem processes we can reduce weed management requirements, improve soil health and increase invertebrate and vertebrate activity.  All of these are crucial components of a stable and functional plant community.

Weed Management

  • Weed management advice
  • Woody weed control - Spraying, Slashing (sickle bar & hedge trimming), Brush cutter and Chainsaw work.