Working across South Australia, we collect, clean and supply a broad range of native seed (both nursery and revegetation grade).  We have particular expertise in the flora of arid and semi-arid systems, and we specialise in the supply of large quantities of native grass and chenopod species.  However, we also collect species to order for our clients; these may include: Eucalyptus species, Acacia species, sedges, rushes, and other understory and ground cover species.

Below is a list of species that we have collected. This list is not comprehensive and we collect many species to order.  Please contact Glenn Christie to discuss your project and species requirements.

*Note that seed is collected from predominantly wild sources so availability will vary with season and conditions (e.g. drought).  It is important to order your seed well in advance of revegetation activities to enable sufficient time for collection (allow 8-12 months for some species).  We recommend the establishment of Seed Orchards for projects with extensive seed requirements.




Common name  
Acacia acinacea Round-leaf wattle   



Silver mulga  
  calamifolia Wallowa  
  colletioides Veined spine-bush  



Coast umbrella-bush  


hakeoides Western black wattle
  iteaphylla Willow-leaf wattle  



Dune wattle  


longifolia ssp. sophorae

False boobialla  


notabilis Stiff golden wattle
  nyssophylla Wait-a-while
  oswaldii Oswald's wattle
  paradoxa Kangaroo thorn
  pendula Weeping myall
  pycnantha Golden wattle
  rigens Needlebush wattle
  salicina Broughton wattle


sclerophylla var. sclerophylla Hard-leaf wattle
Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping she-oak
Aristida contorta Mulga grass
Atriplex angulata Angular saltbush


holocarpa Pop saltbush


lindleyi ssp. lindleyi Flat-top saltbush
  nummularia ssp. spathulata Old man saltbush  
  paludosa ssp. paludosa Marsh saltbush  
  rhagodioides Silver saltbush  
  semibaccata Creeping saltbush  
  spongiosa Pop saltbush  
  stipitata Kidney saltbush  
  suberecta Lagoon saltbush   
  vesicaria  Bladder saltbush   
Austrostipa drummondii Cottony spear-grass  
  elegantissima Elegant spear-grass  
  eremophila Desert spear-grass  
  nodosa Knotty spear-grass  
  scabra Rough spear-grass  



Jointed twig-sedge  
  juncea Blue twig-rush
Brachyscome ciliaris Native daisy
Bursaria spinosa Christmas bush
Caesia calliantha Blue grass-lily


rugulosus Scarlet bottlebrush
Chloris truncata Windmill grass  



Grassy bindweed  


citriodora Lemon-scented gum 
  maculata Spotted gum  
Cymbopogon ambiguus Scented lemon grass  
Dactyloctenium radulans Finger grass  
Dianella revoluta Flax-lily  
Disphyma crassifolium Pig-face  
Dodonea bursariifolia Small hop-bush  


viscosa ssp. spatulata

Spoon-leaf hop-bush  


nutans ssp. nutans

Climbing or nodding saltbush  
Enchylaena tomentosa Ruby saltbush  
Enneapogon avenaceus Oat nineawn  
  nigricans Black nineawn  
Enteropogon acicularis Curly windmill grass  
Eucalyptus camaldulensis River red gum  
  sideroxylon Mugga  
Eutaxia diffusa Spreading eutaxia  
Gahnia filum Chaffy saw-sedge   
Hardenbergia violacea Purple coral-pea  



Sea rush


  pallidus Pale rush  
Kennedia prostrata Running postman  
Maireana appressa Grey bluebush  



Small-leaf bluebush


  erioclada Fleshy bluebush  
  georgei Slit-wing bluebush  
  oppositifolia Heathy bluebush  



Shrubby bluebush


  sedifolia Pearl bluebush  
  turbinata Satiny bluebush  



Swamp honey-murtle


  lanceolata Dryland tea-tree  



Waterbush or pointed boobialla


  insulare Native juniper  



Pittosporum augustifolium Native apricot  
Podolepis capillaris Invisible plant  


candolleana ssp. candolleana

Sea-berry saltbush


  crassifolia Fleshy saltbush  
  parabolica Fragrant saltbush  
  spinescens Thorny saltbush  
Rytidosperma various species Wallaby grass  
Schoenoplectus validus River club-rush  



Suaeda australis Austral seabite  
Tecticornia halocnemoides Grey glasswort  
  indica Brown-head glasswort  
  pergranulata Black-seeded glasswort  
  tenuis Slender glasswort  
Themeda triandra Kangaroo grass  
Threlkeldia diffusa Coast bonefruit  
Vittadinia blackii Western New Holland daisy  
  cuneata New Holland daisy  
  gracilis Wooly New Holland daisy  
Zygophyllum aurantiacum spp. aurantiacum Shrubby twinleaf  


cool seeds RS bb 


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Our unique approach to revegetation involves a ‘ground up’ methodology, which floods a site with seeds of native colonising species. The use of colonising species provides rapid site stabilisation and initiates the process of recovery to build ecosystem function. These species add organic carbon to the soil, attract invertebrates, deposit seed, compete with weeds and provide cover. Colonising species in the arid zone can reproduce within 6–8 weeks of rainfall, bolstering the seedbank. These attributes provide a great catalyst for building ecosystems in the arid zone.

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